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SWISSGEAR bags quality show the charm of the king
This trademark reflects a symbol of quality and standard, representing the exquisite workmanship, strict manufacturing, more representative of the quality of the guarantee, in the world to enjoy a high reputation. This symbol is the Swiss SWISSGEAR brand products - SWISSGEAR bags.
From the initial sale of the continent, to now around the world of loyal users, SWISSGEAR bags are widely respected. After years of development, SWISSGEAR have been from simple product manufacturing sublimation to full of charm of the king's life and guide the brand, the perfect interpretation of the essence of Swiss quality, fashion style, excellent process, thoughtful design and perfect details of the performance, designed for the pursuit of details and fashionable young leisure consumer groups provide a unique experience.
Born in SWISSGEAR bags luggage Switzerland family has always adhered to the "strong and durable" principle, according to the wartime munitions package toughness abrasion resistant, the stringent requirements of the fireproof and waterproof, in the material more excellence. From the mold stamping to the whole suture, after 200 multi-channel processes, each process are after strict testing, to ensure the production of each a bags are like Swiss watches as durable, like a Swiss Army knife as efficient and practical.
Whether it is the pursuit of simple fashion appearance, or the pursuit of durable inner, genuine SWISSGEAR bags of human design concept allows you to feel considerate and warm every moment. Its products include backpack, travel boxes, accessories products, business portfolio, laptop bag, etc., all products have a perfect after-sales service, for you to open a new life experience.
At present, the market China imitate SWISSGEAR products more, dragons and fishes jumbled together. Consumers in the purchase of genuine SWISSGEAR to adhered to the band r five-star Shield logo, and assign SWISSGEAR SARL quality certification logo.
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